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We provide Location facilities specially designed for the TV & Film industry.

  • Make up Trailers
  • Productions offices
  • Costume Trucks
  • Honey Wagons
  • Artist Trailers
  • Dining buses
  • Tech Trucks

** Special Towable COVID-19 hand washing trailers & COVID-19 testing/storage trailers.

We have experience in working on TV commercials, photo media shoots, film, TV, sports and events. Each production is unique and so is our equipment, we will ensure tailor made solutions for your specific needs.

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COVID-19 Hand washing trailer

Top facilities has a wide range of solutions for productions when trying to keep crews safe.

We present our hand washing trailer, our trailers are neat in size, can be moved easily from site to site & are equipped with non touch taps & soap dispensers, you can choose from our 4 basin trailers (2 basins each side front & back of trailer) to our 8 basins trailers (4 basins each side front & back trailer).

Our trailers include:

  • 350 litre water tank
  • Sensor taps
  • Sensor soap dispensers
  • paper towel dispenser

Top facilities can also supply additional hygiene supplies.


  • Makeup Trailer 6
  • Costume Trailer
  • 3 way Artist Trailer
  • Camera Truck
  • Honey Wagon

Make up trailer 6 position

Our spacious 6 position make up trailer includes side slid out to add extra room and comfort, areas are partitioned off to help with privacy and social distancing.

Other essentials include-
  • 6 make up Positions
  • Back wash sink
  • Hot & Cold water
  • Sinks
  • Drawers & wardrobe
  • Storage space
  • Microwave & Refrigerator
  • Heating & Air conditioning

Costume trailer

Our specially fitted costume trailer is spacious, thoroughly thought out to ensure space is used efficiently.

Other essentials include-
  • Kitchen
  • Washing Machine & Dryer
  • Television & Freeview
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Hand rails
  • Side access stairs

3 way artist trailer

Our brand new 3 way artist trailers hosts spacious rooms.

Other essentials include-
  • Television & Freeview
  • Beds
  • Running hot & cold water 
  • Heating 
  • Surround sound
  • Bathroom with shower and sinks
  • Toilet
  • Make up -position with lighting 
  • Kitchen & refrigerator 

Camera truck 

Adjustable shelving is included within our our camera trucks, make our trucks custom to your needs. 

Also including spacious work benches, racks, tail lift, television & refrigerator. 

Honey Wagon

Our Luxury honey wagons include hot and cold running water, sleek interior, flushable male and female cubicles, hot/cold running water & paper towel dispensers.

Changing Room

Custom top facilities changing rooms include a spacious two room changing room trailer, equipped with railings, mirrors & counter tops.

Our changing room includes:

  • Mirrors
  • Hanging rails
  • Countertops
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage
  • Coat hangers

Dining Buses

Dining Bus Facilities

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Location facilities specially designed for the TV & Film industry.

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